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If you have been notified by the Foundation that your organization’s grant proposal has just been approved by the Board of Directors of the Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation, congratulations!

You will be interested in the following forms, letters, and informational material you will either be required to complete or will find helpful. The Foundation's Grants Manager will explain them all in the course of the acceptance process. If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact her.

Accounting Procedures

A description of procedures designed to simplify the accounting section of the final report.

Challenge Grant Guide

A description of what challenge grants are, what funds raised are eligible for the match, and how to certify the funds raised.

Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation Logo

If your organization needs a copy of the Foundation’s logo for a press release, announcement of your organization’s grant award, or newsletter, please email your request to the Foundation.

General Terms and Conditions Agreement

General Terms and Conditions of an Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation grant, a copy of which needs to be signed and returned with the Grant Acceptance letter.

Grant Acceptance Letter

Text of the Grant Acceptance letter which is to be written on your organization’s letterhead.

Grantee Conference

A description of what to expect from your grantee conference, what its purpose is, and who should attend the meeting.

Progress/Final Report Guidelines

All progress and final reports must be submitted electronically. You will receive a link from the Grants Manager once your grant has been approved. Please see below for the progress/final report.