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If your organization has not received a grant from the Foundation in the past three years, please read our Grant Policies and Eligibility section thoroughly. You may also visit our Frequently Asked Questions to better understand what we fund.

Grant Request Procedures:

1. If you feel that you are eligible after reviewing the Grant Policies and Eligibility section, please send Grants Manager, a letter of inquiry stating the amount sought and purpose of the grant, and nature of the organization. You may email the Grants Manager at or call with additional questions at 407-647-4322.

2. Grant applications are available via invitation only from the Foundation. Once the Foundation determines an interest in accepting a grant request from your organization, you will receive instructions from the Grants Manager on how to access the appropriate online application form. You will find it helpful to review the instructions and a sample application prior to filling out your online application. Sample applications and instructions can be found in the Applicant Toolbox. Most applicants will use our online application to apply for funding. We strongly encourage you to apply online as you will have immediate acknowledgment of the receipt of your application and it will be processed much faster. However, if you prefer to mail your request, please follow our outline for Written Grant Request Requirements.

3. We may conduct a field review (site visit) by one or more Officers or Directors of the Foundation. The field review includes a conference with the organization's professional staff involved in the request, one or more of its Board of Directors or Trustees, appropriate accounting personnel of the organization, as well as a review of actual operations.

4. After our review, you will be notified of the Foundation’s determination. If approved, you are asked to accept the grant terms, including our General Terms and Conditions – “Exhibit A". You may be asked to attend a Grantee Conference held at our office prior to payout of the grant. If the grant is a match or challenge grant, you should be prepared to meet the deadlines specified in the grant letter within which to certify the match to us, including enough information for the Foundation to verify the certification. Copies of all grant-related documents, including the Acceptance Letter, Exhibit A, and Grantee Conference are available in the Grantee Toolbox.

5. We do ask grantees to provide us with a progress report at least every six months. When the grant funds have been fully spent, we require a final report containing a list of the disbursements of the grant balanced against the grant budget, together with an evaluation of the results of the grant. New grant requests will not be processed by the Foundation from the same organization until the final report has been filed on any prior grant. The Foundation from time-to-time conducts post-review audits of previously completed grants. This is primarily for the purpose of assisting the Foundation in establishing its own grant policies as well as to review the stewardship of the grant funds by your organization.